A Few of My 1911s


I sure do like the 1911 pistol. Strike that. I love the M1911 pistol. Mainly those made by Colt. Which is to say in reality the only real M1911s. I was making some room in the safe today and got some out to re-arrange and got wanting to talk about them. No one else was around or willing to listen to me talk about the 1911, that job now falls to you.

This XSE government model is the one I have carried the most and the longest. I shot it the second most over all but the most in serious training or practice. I wish Colt had not stopped making the XSE line. They came with every feature I would have asked for had I had a custom one made for myself. It’s had several sets of grips over the years and now has the VZ Colt branded grips which I really dig. A lot of very good memeories were made with this pistol or while carrying it. It’s one I would ask to be buried with. I carried this one for right at 10 years before putting it into semi retirement for CCW. The gun I replaced it with for daily CCW is the one below.

The Light weight commander is what I mostly carry these days. It’s almost a XSE. I been carrying it since 2016 and it has spoiled me for weight. I like it because of the full size grip frame but just a hair heavier than the Colt Defender. It’s very accurate and the new dual recoil springs Colt has been using since coming up with it for the M45A1 MARSOC gun makes it feel like a Gov model.

The Colt “Rail Gun” is the gun I have without a doubt shot the most. If you have been here since 2012 you will recall my 4,000 round torture test of it. It probably has 40K rounds through it by now. This is the gun I work the hardest. I replaced the wood grips with some VZ gunners grips then replaced those with these spiffy black VZ grips. This is the gun I do most training with. I’m sure it would horrify a lot of the Tight Fit Crowd if they handled it. It feels like one of the old dreaded pieces you hear about from guys in the Army who held a USGI 1911 one time. Doesn’t matter. It works perfectly and it’s accuracy still holds up. As you know, I don’t put much weight into the hard/tight fight philosophy. Not for real world life and death uses anyway.

The Delta Elite is a writer’s demo from Colt that I kept. Of course. I had owned a few way back in the past. The ones made in the 80s and early 90s and I have always been in love with the 10MM. But this one was finally made in the configuration I always wanted from Colt. Or close to it anyway. I wanted a XSE in 10MM. This is close enough. Stainless with Novak Sights, beavertail grip etc. I swapped out the safety for my preferred type, which is the STI safety, and I installed a S&A main spring housing as I am wont to do on most of my 1911s. The gun has the new dual recoil spring system which make it a tiny bit tamer when shooting double tap loads and the heavy hard cast stuff. What’s not to like?

I never left the 1980s. I wish I could put my brain in some kind of computer simulation of the 80s and just live in it forever. The two tone 1911 was the epitome of class back then. It’s still the look that I think of when I think of custom or high end 1911s now. The Combat Elite came out back then and was always one I wanted. This version was released several years ago and in a better configuration than the originals. It came more like custom versions from back then. Novak sighs, Smith & Alexander beavertail, extended safety which I swapped for the STI version, and all the other usual refinements from the XSE line. The current Combat Elite is all stainless but is pretty sweet. The two tone is still my favorite.

Speaking of years past. The Combat Target from the early 90s. A contemporary of the original Combat Elite. I already talked about this gun a few weeks ago. It was originally Brady’s 1911 and I lusted for it since they came out. I saw this one first in ’97 and finally got it from Brady a few weeks ago. These guns are very accurate. It’s essentially a Gold Cup National Match done up in combat form.

Another one I have had for 15 years. It was just the O1991 model. That is internal colt speak for a plain Gov Model. You can see I have changed a few things. I’m going to name drop if you will forgive me. My pal Justin Baldini at Colt, hooked me up with an original O1918 main spring housing with lanyard loop and O1918 original milspec small safety. I put them on the sun to make it a sort of hybrid retro styled pistol. An OEM magazine with lanyard and my all-time favorite Colt gold medallion full checkered grips finished it off.

The AMT Hardballer Longslide is another one from Brady. Man I wanted one of these ever since seeing The Terminator in the theater. That extra weight and barrel/slide make for a very smooth gentle pistol to shoot. Contrary to popular internet bullshit, this one works fine. God I am tired of reading opinions from a lot of morons online about what guns will do what. It’s all so tiresome. Anyway, I love it. It’s one of the few non-Colt pistols you will ever see me own.

The Colt Series 70 Competition Series 1911 is the newest made, new 1911 I have. It’s excellent. It really is an excellent OTC pistol for competition. It’s very accurate and if you are one of those guys who is mentally retarded to the point you think only the series 70 fire control group is good for anything then you will be happy. Here is a hint to you potential new 1911 owners. Ignore that shit about the series 80 system being no good. That is just stupid. The only thing superior with the series 70 and older, trigger group is that it’s easier to full take apart and reassemble. And even that isn’t hard to do once you see how to do it. Que Dyspeptic Gunsmith to bitch at me in the comments. Truth is I have factory series 80 guns with triggers better than some series 70s I own and at the least just as good.

I think we will do a part 2 tomorrow with a few more and some friend’s 1911s.


  1. That Delta looks really fun.
    Speaking of opinions, The jamming meme has gotten really old.
    Don’t think I can roll my eyes any harder when I see it.

  2. Looking forward to Part II.

    I’ve had half a dozen Colt’s and they were all quite reliable. One was a mid-60’s Colt Commander, made back when they were all Lightweight Commanders, that would eat anything. Light, heavy, wadcutter, even those old Speer hollow-points that looked like trash cans. I spent exactly zero dollars getting it to work that well, nobody laid a hand on it after it left Colt. One of the 3 best friends I ever had got some serious money problems and I gave him that gun because he needed it more than I did and it passed along to his son when he died. The kid is 40-something now and still has it. I miss that gun but I miss my old friend more and his son has made something of himself despite lots of very serious family problems after his Father passed and that’s about as close to a happy ending as can be hoped for.

  3. To bad you show no respect for the Remington’s, Singers, Switch and Signal,or Ithicas. I can buy Colt’s all day long but these others?????


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