Best Of 2020


Here we are again at the end of all things. What a year huh? Hoooboy!

It’s time for me to give you my favorite new products of the year. I know you been waiting for it like a fat kid watches a pie bake in the oven. Sad to say I don’t have much this year. A few things happened that really put a crimp in my getting the usual amount of writer’s demos. You may have heard about it in the news. But If I can be serious for a minute, It has been a bad year for all of us. I’m betting that everyone who is reading this has had a rough year. Unless Jeff Bezos is reading this website for some reason.

With all that in mind, I am going to expand my “favorites ” end of year list to give you more than 2 things.

Fisrt up is a no brainer.

The New Python was hands down the finest new gun I got my hands on this year. Honestly it’s the nicest new gun I have tested in several years. It’s superb and it really is a better gun than the originals. I don’t care what you hear otherwise online by people with sour grapes or a vested interest in the value of their old Python collection. That make you mad? Don’t care. Big Sad. And you know I am not a revolver guy.

Next up is a belt I got from Hank’s Belts during one of their sales. Supposed to have been slightly blemished. Looked perfect to me when I got it. It has become my new daily wear belt. Highest recommendation. Get yourself or someone else a Hank’s belt for Christmas if you ran out of ideas.

As soon as I saw the OTTE Gear Aloha Now tiger stripe shirt I had to have one. I know it’s pricy but the quality of it is equal to the price. What can I say? I like it and this is my list.

The new expanded volume 1 of the Vickers Guide AR15 is another pick. I can’t recommend it as a buy unless you are a real fanatic. It costs a lot. You could buy an Aimpoint for the cost of the book. But Dan had a hand in the inside info and that makes it pretty cool to me. It is not a technical book. It doesn’t even approach the level of info as The Black Rifle I. It’s a coffee table book. Light on info but resplendent with great photos.

I’d show you more but I’m afraid Larry will sue me.

I really liked the TDI tigers stripe shirt. Tactical Distributors is celebrating beeing in biz for 10 years this year and they chose tiger stripe as a pattern to do a limited run of 10 year anniversary products. Much cheaper than the OTTE Gear shirt but not lesser quality. I loved it. They also did a pair of pants that I also purchased and never got around to writing a review for. The pants and shirt are both great. I would recommend but I have no idea if they are still offering them by now.

I reviewed VFW when I got the screener for it. It is a call back to the great action/ exploitation films of the 1980s. Stephen Lang stars with some other great actors from the 80s that you will recognize by sight. Lang you may remember as Geroge Picket in Gettysburg and Stonewall Jackson in Gods and Generals. Very violent, very blood very good. Highest recommendation.

Jesus that’s about it. 2020 was not a good year for new products. I try to limit these picks to things that came out in the past year so pickings were slim. I should note that by saying that, it does not diminish my recommendations for the things listed above. I did not lower standards just to have a list for you this year. I have a few other things I used this year I think very highly of but it was older than 2020. The Colt Competition Series 70 M1911 for instance. Maybe I should do another list of things I got in the past year that I liked best no matter how old it may be. I’ll ponder on that for a bit.


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