Not pushing the red button, tonight.


Ugh. . .

I hate doing tech support.

Mainly because I don’t know what I’m doing it is it a cycle of do an internet search for a solution, do what the solution says to do, see if it worked. If it didn’t, repeat.

If you visited this site in the past couple of days, you probably realized it was all screwed up. Something broke behind the scenes and was using up the servers CPU cycles and running too many processes. I still don’t know what it was, but I may have narrowed it down. (and Weaponsman), runs on a framework called WordPress. I’ve heard the majority of the sites on the internet now use WordPress. WordPress provides the framework. You then have a theme which dictates the look and layout of the site. These this is modifiable, to a limited extent. Then you add plug-ins, widgets, etc to get the various features you want.

WordPress usually works pretty good.

Our first post was in 2012, since then, we have run at least 3 themes, and who knows how many hundreds of different plug-ins and widgets. Who knows how much clutter is left behind?

During our period of server overload, things got so bad I was about to wipe the site and do a fresh install. We do have backups. I’ll make one a few times a year, when I remember, of the dozens of gigs of content we have. Fortunately things seem to be working now, (but I have lots of back end stuff shut off) that I am not going to do that. We really should reimport all our content into a fresh WordPress install sometime, but I really don’t want to have to do that.

About every other week or so I we get an email from someone offering their paid services to redesign the site. More recently, I’ve been responding to these kind offers with a statement and question. So far, none of these web-devs have bothered to respond to my response.

I’m exhausted. Let’s hope the site is still working tomorrow.


  1. I share your odd ball sentiment. I just use em so feel the frustration. Been working on a bootleg remote set up all year and it’s been pretty annoying.

    So here’s something non IT related.
    Tennessee has come up for a possible relocation place for the fam. I’ve been pushing eastern so as to be closer to the mountains. What do you guys think? Any parts you recommend? Any thoughts in general?
    Still won’t hold my breath it will happen but like to do my research.


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