Website Update


Hey! Got some news for ya. That big rebuild we talked about a while ago and then said it wouldn’t happen anytime soon?

Welp. Looks like the universe has forced our hands on that one. So, I’m sure you noticed the site has been wonky for the last 2-ish days. I have no idea what went wrong but Howard has been working on it and has decided the website needs to be reworked from scratch.

He will be doing that tomorrow evening. So don’t expect to be able to use the site much tomorrow night or maybe a few days. I don’t know. I don’t understand computer. I’m like Odd Ball in Kelly’s Heroes. I just use it man, I don’t know what makes them tick.

It may be a couple of days for all I know. I have no idea what will be left up during this time so if you need to catch up on older posts you probably should try to do that tonight.

If you need to talk to either one of us, DM me through the looserounds instagram account

or use the contact email which you can also use to donate via paypal. cough cough. ..

Or if you prefer, you can contact us through the

Anyway, hopefully everything will be up and functioning in a day or two.

Sorry about the interruption in service and a full refund will be credited to your account for the missing days


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