What impractical and unobtainable guns have you always wanted ?


This topic popped up today on the form. The author stating he wanted one of the Lebman full auto 1911s.

Me, I have always had more modest tastes I guess. Of course I’ve always wanted things like an M134 or a case of LAWS rockets or serial number 1 of the M1911 but I try to keep it a bit more realistic.

Of the two examples off the top of my head the Bren 10 is probably the most attainable. I’ve always wanted one. Being a GenX’er born in the 70s and who never mentally left the 1980s, the Bren 10 is indelible in the hippocampus for me. I’m sure it takes little effort to imagine why or how it made so much of an impression on me.

Next is one that may suprise you.

The Valmet. The only AK variant I would truly want. Yes the stock is an eyesore to put it mildly but that is fixable. I’m not going to justify to you why I like it and want one, I just do.

Of course there is an endless list of Colt guns and rare prototypes I would take over both of these, but that wouldn’t have been as interesting to most of you I’d wager.

What about you ? Got some gun you’ve always wanted for no practical reason?


  1. And now that I think of it…

    Not a gun, per se, but a couple of spare magazines for a Boberg XR45-S would be nice. I’ve intermittently looked over the past several years, but never found any place that had them.

    That little experience has led me to purchase extra mags immediately upon purchase of a new gun.

      • Hi, Matthew. Great thought – Thanks!

        Unfortunately … as far as I know the only thing Bond Arms put into production is the 9mm Boberg. Shortly after the sale happened, I contacted Bond and asked if they would be continuing to make the .45 and parts for it. IIRC, the answer I got was, more or less, “When we get around to it.” So far, their website lists magazines only for the 9mm.

        Here’s hoping, but I’m not going to be holding my breath.

  2. Unobtainable and impractical? To be honest this is not the place for the likes of Bren 10 as that’s both obtainable if you have enough money and even practical. Well, as practical as any CZ clone in 10mm Hipster.

    I’d really like one of those MG 131s used in swivel mounts of German bombers and later pressed into the ground role for volkssturm. Now that’s an impractical and unobtainable gun.
    Short of that the Tigr 9, weird Russian hunting rifle based on the SVD and in a century old german hunting catridge: 9.3×64 Brenneke. Just find the combination neat.

  3. In no particular order:

    – HK MP-5SD
    – Ithaca Auto & Burglar
    – The first Parker Invincible, just to put it on the wall and look at it
    – A Colt Monitor
    – a NIB 1960’s-era Colt Python
    – A Colt SAA in this level of condition:


    – A Winchester 1886 in .50-110, much like this one:


    • Ditto to your Auto & Burglar and your Colt Monitor. That inter-war/pre-NFA period was really a golden age for guns. That scene in The Highwayman when the Frank Hamer character walks in and buys out the gun store is like a fantasy for a modern gun guy. I looked it up, and if memory serves, Hamer took down Bonnie & Clyde mere months before the NFA kicked in.

      I know you’re not a huge fan of the Thompson, but I’d love to have one. That was in Hamer’s pile of guns, at least in the movie.

      • I’d have one after I have a number of other things. To me, I think the MP-5 is the best sub-gun design out there, because it can fire from a closed bolt, and you can actually strive to put one round on target with the thing, rather than just loose a fusillade in the direction of the target.

        To the point of the Thompson: I don’t think they’re a bad gun, they certainly weren’t low-quality, it’s just that in the choice of sub-guns to have, they’re further down the list.

  4. A couple of years ago a 1905 Colt with a shoulder stock in 98% condition came on the market…
    And yes, if I owned it I’d would shoot it, not a lot, maybe a magazine every year or so.


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