Our Frustrations Run Far Deeper Than COVID Lockdowns


Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

The reality is the roulette wheel is rigged and only chumps believe it’s a fair game.

It’s easy to lay America’s visible frustrations at the feet of Covid lockdowns or political polarization, but this conveniently ignores the real driver: systemic unfairness. The status quo has been increasingly rigged to benefit insiders and elites as the powers of central banks and governments have picked the winners (cronies, insiders, cartels and monopolies) and shifted the losses and risks onto the losers (the rest of us).

We now live in the world the 19th-century French economist Frederic Bastiat so aptly described: 

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

As I noted in The One Chart That Predicts our Future, ours is a two-tier society and economy with a broken ladder of social mobility for those trying to reach the security of the technocrat class and a well-greased slide for everyone who trips and slides from relative security down to the ever-expanding ALICE-precariat class: assets limited, income constrained, employed.

As Bastiat observed, those rigging the system to benefit themselves always create a legal system that lets them off scot-free and a PR scheme that glorifies their predation as well-deserved rewards that are the natural due of their enormous appetite for hard work and innovation.

You know, hard work and innovation like this:

JPMorgan Makes $1 Billion From Gold Trading After Paying $1 Billion Fine For Manipulating Gold Trading.

Embezzling a couple billion dollars also earns you a get out of jail free card: none of the perps in Wall Street’s skims, scams and frauds ever gets indicted, much less convicted, and none of Wall Street’s legalized looters ever goes to prison.

And this is a fair and just system? Uh, right. Meanwhile, the reality is the roulette wheel is rigged and only chumps believe it’s a fair game. Those who know it’s rigged have essentially zero agency (control / power) or capital to demand an unrigged game or finagle their way into the elite class doing the skimming.

The net result is soaring frustration with a patently unfair system that’s touted as the fairest in the entire world. Gordon Long and I do a deep dive into the frustrations with systemic unfairness in our new video, The Frustrations of Unfairness Are Reaching a Boiling Point.

The key takeaway in my view is the unfairness isn’t limited to the economy, society or politics– it’s manifesting in all three realms. It isn’t just frustration with domestic issues–the global economic order is also a source of unfairness and powerlessness.

We each drew up a list of specific drivers of unfairness / frustration. Here’s my list:

And here’s Gordon’s list:

There is much more in our presentation. These are the dynamics that are tearing apart our social cohesion and that will soon start destabilizing the economy–regardless of how much “money” the Federal Reserve prints.


  1. Nope to all the vilification of the successful wealthy. Instead, become wealthy. Be our hero and inspire others to success as well. This “us vs them” thing is tiresome and counterproductive. Play the lottery; win the mega lottery; watch yourself go broke within short order. The lottery proves poor people are not capable of wealth, and that wealthy people earn and keep what they get rather than destroy their lives with it. STOP BLAMING OTHERS FOR YOUR FAILURES IN LIFE. OWN YOUR LIFE. I don’t wish to see posts like this on here ever again, because they are feckless and horrid, and take Americans to a mental place not worth going.

  2. Shawn, this post pretty much nails it.
    Unfortunately it’s likely to get a lot worse before it gets better, the Biden Administration has no use for the bottom 50%.
    I expect to see cuts to Medicare and Social Security, increased repression and overt censorship ( Biden laptop?, PUTIN!!!).
    There will be no rescue of Cities, Counties or States by the feds, let’em go broke and their buddies can buy up the best assets at pennies on the dollar with money borrowed from the Fed at 0% interest.
    Right now the Federal Government is arguing in Court that the President has the right to put any American anywhere in the World on a “Kill List”.
    No shit, ran across the article at Techdirt last week.
    It’s going to get really rough.

    • “There will be no rescue of Cities, Counties or States by the feds…”

      Trump was 1000% correct to reject the Blue State bailout. The blue states have been mismanaging their taxing and spending for generations, living like grasshoppers. They can lie in the beds they made for themselves.


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