Flux defense M17 Chassis


From friend of the website, Titus.

Some peeps have been asking about how i feel about the fluxdefense m17 chassis i have.

I love the thing tbh. Very small, versatile and capable (for a 9mm).

QD points for slings (id suggest if you sling a non m17 slide without a safety that you carry it “cruiser ready”) and a non reciprocating optic mount make this kit fantastic to a practical EDC /Truck gun.

The only thing that annoys me about this set up is that the brace will deploy from its locked position sometimes when shooting unsupported/free handed… It has never hindered my shooting but it does annoy the snot out of me.

All in all I would say @fluxdefense are the top of the market when it comes to micro conversion kits. I even like this more than my old cz scorpion evo.

I will hopefully be getting their gen 2 Raider model soon. It has many upgrades to this model such as a slide release, duel mag release and a mag well.

This set up is currently a flux chassis, burris fast fire 3 optic, some type of #olight, a full sixe2 p320 slide and a silencerco threaded barrel.

Ammo is scarce or I would have done a better video.



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