This Sums up BRCC Perfectly



  1. Watching the many 2A forums, it’s really astounding to see how people are rationalizing the despicable actions of BRCC. These posers (yes, they ARE veterans working for them, but they are posers nonetheless, judging by their actions and lack of moral integrity) threw Kyle Rittenhouse under the bus, and people are whining that anyone wanting to boycott BRCC is basically the same as a Leftist doing the Cancel Culture bit.
    Here’s the thing: people who do terrible things SHOULD be Cancelled. The problem with the “Left” (or whatever you want to call them) is that they go after people for stating the truth (e.g. a man who dresses like a woman/chops his genitalia off is still a man) or for simply not hating themselves for being White. Going after people for doing immoral or duplicitous things is justified. And the owners BRCC did exactly that. They are scum and I have no problem saying they should be cancelled. You can interpret that however you want. Nuff said.

  2. I like “Chock Full o’ Nuts”
    It’s stupid cheap, actually tastes good and comes in resealable can which I can use afterwards.
    Plus my Grampa apparently liked it as I found the cans in their garage full of different stuff (mind you he died before I was even born so those cans managed to hang around for over 30 years)

    I guess I can see their reasoning not wanting to get involved but their whole brand is built on this type of stuff so to offer some mealy mouthed response is just lame. They’re trying to please people who don’t buy their product anyway. Never the best strategy.

  3. All this bullshit is just another click of the ratchet. You wonder how the pre-Civil War bullshit got started? Just like this, only now we have the internet to make it go nationwide.

    It’s only a matter of time before you start seeing the kind of shit that went down in Bloody Kansas. If you don’t know and trust your neighbors, keep a low profile. You don’t know what kind of loon you’re living near, and you’re probably in just as much security risk from idiots on the right as you are from those on the left. All it takes is some moron deciding they don’t like the way you look or act, ‘cos you don’t fit their prejudices, and away we go.

    I got verbally abused the other day from some local moron that thought I was a tourist, when I’ve lived in this town since the late 1970s. Nothing like being told to “Go back to where you came from…” when you’ve lived in the area longer than they have.

    The polarization is getting ready to be a two-way street, and I really hope it doesn’t go as far as I worry it will. With the idiot Antifa crew egging on the BLM types, and threatening the normies, the reactionaries ain’t too far behind. Lotta idiots out there forget just how the Nazis wound up in power–The Communists like Antifa probably did more to make that happen than anything or anyone else, because they scared the crap out of the regular “just folks” types, who ran into the arms of the Nazis hoping that they’d save them from the Commies.

    History, people–Read it, or repeat it.

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