Your Package Delivery Has Been Delayed


Armed criminal gangs in Baltimore City have recognized the online shopping boom. They’re giving up on robbing brick and mortar stores and have now opted to hijack or rob delivery service vehicles.

Just this week alone, there’s been a series of mail and package delivery drivers targeted in lawless Baltimore City. 

According to FOX45 News, the first incident occurred on Monday along Mosher Street, in west Baltimore, an area known for criminal gangs, widespread homicides, and out of control opioid crisis. Imagine that.

Investigators said armed suspects hijacked a USPS mail carrier. The van was recovered hours later, but it appears the suspects were able to loot it. No PS5 for little Timmy this year.

USPS is offering a $50,000 reward for any information about the gang involved.

A second incident occurred Tuesday evening at Mary Avenue in northeast Baltimore. A UPS driver had their truck stolen and has since been recovered. 

One can’t help but wonder if the drivers are in on the caper.

On Wednesday night, investigators say an Amazon delivery van was targeted along Highland Avenue in east Baltimore. Police say the Amazon worker was able to prevent the armed suspect from commandeering the delivery vehicle.  

Imagine caring about Amazon and zillionaire Jeff Bezos so much that you risked your life for it.

“There’s been an increase in the number of deliveries of packages, parcels and boxes,” Jeffrey Ian Ross, a criminologist with the University of Baltimore, told FOX45. 

Ross said the attacks on delivery vans are”unusual.” He said with increased mail volume because of the virus pandemic and holiday season creates an opportunity for armed gangs. 

“It’s a cost-benefit calculation,” Ross said. “They may find that other avenues of normal criminality are drying up for them so they’re innovating.”

Well, there is one thing we all know. A certain demographic won’t work a real, honest job, but they will always figure out a new way to steal.


    • I’d say the perps would’ve been well-served to keep their crimes inside Baltimore PD’s jurisdiction. Grabbing the attention of the Postal Inspectors might prove to be a life-changing mistake for them.

      They should have stuck with the Amazon vans. Those guys are mostly independent contractors. Bezos’s stuff is insured and who cares about those guys?


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