Current primer Shortage


tl;dr version:
1) Massive amount of new shooters
2) Many first-time buyers getting into reloading.
3) Primer production affected more by Covid than bullets/brass/powder
4) Remington bankruptcy didn’t help.
5) Vista buying Remington will divert Remington’s meager primer supply away from the market to build more ammo for CCI/Speer.
5) In 2008-2012, we had a large influx from foreign sources (Wolf, S&B, etc.). THAT WILL PROBABLY NOT HAPPEN THIS TIME.

I’m gold though, I had many, many, many thousands of primers. I lived through two other primer shortages and learned a long time ago not to let it happen again.


  1. A buddy emailed me a picture of 15K small pistol primers and asked what I thought he could get for them. I told him he was basically sitting on gold bricks


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