Black Rifle Coffee Company Cucks Out To Twitter Outrage


BRCC was called out on Twitter:

And bent the knee:

Good luck with your business!


UPDATE 2237hrs: BRCC has also canceled their adverts on BlazeTV:

Utah coffee company cancels Blaze Media podcast deal after a photo ties its logo to alleged Kenosha shooter

Compiled by B-ARFCOM member 1787.


  1. I assumed, when I saw that photo, that BRCC was deliberately doing some product placement with a guy who’s photo they knew would get international coverage…I don’t give a shit about their product, but it seemed like good marketing…

    I guess they decided at the last second that they weren’t trying to appeal only to their core market, and that maybe they could grab a wider market at the cost of alienating their core…that’s going to backfire big-time. Good riddance.

    Side note: Your new format is resulting in perpetual loading clocks on almost all of your images on both the main page and the post pages. Some of them eventually load, most don’t. Not sure if it’s a new server issue or if you’re having a visitation spike, or what. It’s not browser specific, FYI. It is however, really annoying.

    • Jim,I have had no issue with photos loading ect.,am running linux with firefox browser/and a lot of add on blocks ect.

      Will hold me judgement of the Black Rifle Coffee thing till I read a bit more.

        • It has been fine for me on an android, but I upgraded phones on the weekend and am now finding I need to switch to desktop view, then everything loads fast.

          Probably I am now using a later version of Android.

    • Yeah, the new layout on mobile is kind of a mess. The pics take forever to load, the posts no longer have an author and the link to the comments is only at the top of the article.

      I loaded the site on my laptop today and everything is fine there.

  2. Black Rifle Coffee Company has never been a “conservative” company. They sell their coffee to second amendment advocates, which is fine and dandy, but they wouldn’t know a conservative issue if it bitt them in the butt. Black Rifle Coffee Company are nothing more than opportunists, who now believe that going “woke” won’t make them “broke”. Good luck with that


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