Geissele all the things, even if they ain’t Geissele. And charge more for it.


A few days later…

IN my opinion, that was pure dishonesty in that first announcement.


  1. What were the before and after prices? I think I’ve seen D&H for maybe $9 on sale so….what, $30 down to $20? That snazzy floor plate has to count for something.

  2. Not a fan of Geissele.

    Do they make some excellent products? Certainly. However, they are one of the bigger over-priced imo rip off schemes in the AR market.

    I love what say Larue did with their MBT trigger. Talk about giving a giant middle finger to Geissele imo, love it.

    To be fair, there are other over priced AR parts manufactures, it’s just Geissele way over does it, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    For example, I purchased a handful of the Geissele Super 42 spring/buffers. Good kit, typical over priced. Not doubting the quality of it though.

    Then I tried a PWS buffer and Strike Industries flat wire spring. Sure, one could argue the PWS buffer is a little steep, but even this buffer and Strike spring come well under the Super 42.

    I quickly discovered the PWS/Strike combination for less money imo blew away the Super 42 performance in terms of achieving the fine tuning I was looking for with my gas system. And the Strike spring has a much higher published user life compared to the Super 42, which I’m not doubting. Good bye Super 42’s.

    So again, Geissele make some good gear but with everything I’ve tried of theirs 10 out of 10 times I’ve found an option that was easily as good or even better for usually considerable less money.

    • Geissele wilcox,KAC, HK are some of the worst offenders for being overpriced. Geissele is probably the worst with the most smugness about it though. it doesn’t help that their big time super duper military adopted rail will still bend and lose zero. the SSA trigger is great and was better when it was 130 bucks. now the prices of their triggers are absurd

    • They have sales at pretty much all holidays, which is about the only time I buy their stuff. 20% or 25% off IIRC.

      And you can find their G2S and some other trigger variants Brownells sells for the $130 or less range, which is fair. Bought all of mine before LaRue dropped their pricing.

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