Ruger Weapon Case


I splurged and bought something. Picked it up today.

It came well packed in a nice box, this box was packed in a discrete unmarked box for shipping.

Inside was this Ruger weapon case. It feels lightweight, so I don’t know how well it will stand up to abuse, but I like how it feels.

The zippers have a place a lock so you can lock the bag closed(not that someone couldn’t rip/cut it open).

Opening the case, you can completely unfolded it. You can even fold it back over to have the insides facing out should you want too. One side has two large flaps and three zippered pockets. The other size has some padding, and is covered with hook and loop material. There are also several various accessory attachments that come with the case.

There are three large velcro straps so you can secure items in place. One small velcro strap, and one small loop. I think the loop could fit the end of a barrel. There is a round pocket that can fit a barrel, or flashlight, perhaps a pistol mag. There are two spacers with foam inserts you can use to support the items in the case. I think you could easily slide out the foam and might be able use them to hold double stack pistol mags or similar sized items.

There was a bunch of little items and Ruger paperwork in the case, I almost missed the sling carrying strap for the case that was at the bottom of the pocket. They also include a safety lock and chamber flag for your gun of choice.

I’m really liking this case. As I was moving around the velco attachments, I was thinking I might use the case a fair bit. My only complaint was going to be the Ruger logo on the front. I’d rather be more discrete.

But Ruger already thought of that. They made their logo on the front a velco tag you can remove or replace.

You could easily have a compact gun secured in the case, and have mags, a little ammo, perhaps a pistol or two in the zippered pouches. If you really wanted, you could stuff another gun on the other side of the flaps. But the flaps don’t provide 100% separation between the sides, so if you did the guns would rub up against each other a bit. Wouldn’t be the best choice for two expensive guns, but it would work for some cheap beaters.

I’m looking forward to using this case.

I think this sort of things helps prove that this isn’t the Ruger of Bill Ruger’s days.

Oh, and the case also came with a gun.



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