Unertl 12X Restoration Update


Remember the two rusted out knarfed up Unertls from a week or so ago?

Fun fact, the brown box o the left is the original box Unertl shipped his scopes in.

Yes they are rough. But thankfully I pulled a genius move. I handed them off to master machinist Justin, to see what he could do.

That is Justin above making a special tool to be able to remove the objective lens from a Unertl. Below is the inside of the 12x removed and the new cross hairs installed. The cross hairs are tungsten wire so thin you almost can’t see it with the naked eye.

Back lit with a cell phone camera light. Delicate work, you can believe that!

The rust and pitting is unfortunate and there is a lot of effort left to go on the 20X but the 12x is mounted on my pre 64 Heavy Varmint Model 70 as you can see above. It still needs some clean up on the inside, Some kind of fungus or mold grew inside from the dampness penetrating it.

On a side note, while going to put up a target for zeroing at 100 yards, I found that the beavers started a new dam and stole the pallet I used to pin paper targets to. It’s OK though, it went to a good cause.


  1. I’d have paid good money to see those lil critters drag a pallet around they’re fun to watch.

    It’s truly amazing what a skilled craftsman is able to do thanks for sharing these neat optics.

    • “It’s truly amazing what a skilled craftsman is able to do…”

      I thought you were talking about the beavers at first. And yeah, I’d have liked to have seen it too.

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