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I’ve had several projects sort of happen at the same time. Here some of what is going on for me.

I picked up a threaded barrel for my Beretta 21A. Installing it was a PITA. Would have been cheaper to just sell this one and buy one of the new guns with a factory threaded barrel.

I’ll do a proper write up later.

I’ve had a Leupold Delta Point Pro laying around that I couldn’t manage to sell, so I figured I’d find a home for it. After waiting a while for them to come back into stock, I bought a T-Rex Arms brand offset mount.

I think there might be a joke somewhere in that name.

Just got it thrown on a rifle a few minutes ago. I’ll give it a review after I get the chance to use it some.

There are some interesting new advancements in 3d Printed Guns. There is a new version of the Hellfire lower. 3d printed lowers for various pistols and rifles. What I find most interesting is that there is a group working on a 3d printed version of the CZ Scorpion pistol caliber carbine.

I’m sure the suits at CZ are just absolutely thrilled about this.

It still uses many factory parts. I hear that a complete build runs around $600ish.

If I didn’t already have a couple of 9mm carbines I think I would print one of these.

Also got this weird thing to mess with. First impressions, mixed.

I have way too many half finished projects laying and more planned. I am going to need to get some stuff done.


  1. It seems like there is still a big learning curve when it comes to designing firearms receivers around 3D-printed plastics’ strengths and weaknesses. It strikes me that doing a 3D-printed AR lower is a little like doing a Garand receiver in aluminum: It’d probably work, sorta, for a while, but new designs are needed to account for the new material.

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