The Pope Has His Priorities Straight

Pope Francis

Vatican Media/Handout via REUTERS

Lizard man worries about robots.

Pope Francis urged Catholics to pray that artificial intelligence and robots “always serve mankind” instead of stripping humanity of its “dignity,” according to a report.

In his monthly prayer address, the crusading Pontiff warned that while robotics may bring positive change to the world, it could also exacerbate “inequalities” across the planet, according to the The Verge.

Robots eradicate humanity, women and minorities hardest hit.

“Artificial intelligence is at the heart of the epochal change we are experiencing. Robotics can make a better world possible if it is joined to the common good. Indeed, if technological progress increases inequalities, it is not true progress,” Francis said during his November prayer intention.

OK commie.


  1. Well he’s not exactly wrong, the full extent of 4th industrial revolution will be the end of all skilled labor.
    But the enemy here is not exactly the machines.


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