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I remember when I was in boot camp, I expected when I got out there would be all these cool new songs and movies and I was somewhat disappointed that there didn’t seem to be anything new when I graduated.

When I was in school of infantry (SOI East), there was a marine who would sing song say a little ditty while he was doing menial tasks like packing his ruck.

Went something like. . .

You ain’t gonna get a dollar out of me

I got no Cadillac you can see

Cause I’m a motherfucking P I M P

Now I can’t remember it exactly, but I remember thinking it was pretty catchy.

Years later I learned it was the lyrics to a song. Looking it up, it appears to be 50 Cent’ “P.I.M.P”. But what little I remember of this guy singing doesn’t quite match up with the song’s lyrics. Not sure if what I remember is wrong, or if this guy had his own version of that stanza.

Shortly before we deployed, the Green day song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” came out. It feels like I heard it a thousand times before I deployed. It was almost like an unofficial soundtrack to our deployment.

After we got to Iraq, we have a limited amount of music, movies, and digital porn for our limited digital devices. I bought a Sony PSP as an impulse purchase to take to Iraq, and it was a nice distraction to have when I was back in garrison.

One ripped song someone had was Duran Duran’s “What Happens Tomorrow”. I got a copy of it early on, I think when we were in Kuwait before we entered Iraq. I remember I listened to it many many times.

After I got back, I was going to buy a Duran Duran CD, but I found I didn’t really care for any of their other music. But I’m not much of a music listener.

There is a song by Smashing Pumpkins (I had to look it up), that has the line, “The Killer in Me Is The Killer in You”. That is also the name of the song.

One of the corporals in our platoon had that song stuck in his head so often during the deployment. He would sing parts of it early on. As the months went past the part of the song he remember got shorter and shorter until it was only that line, “The killer in me is the killer in you.” He would sing that line to the tune of the song.

Shortly before the deployment was over, maybe in that last week, he was singing that line, and then say that he thought it would make a great line for a song.

We found that hilarious and made fun of him as we let him know it was a song.

Oh, and higher ups don’t seem to like it if you sing slave songs while doing working parties.

Jump down, turn around,
pick a bale of cotton.
Jump down, turn around,
pick a bale a hay.

Later I learned “pick a bale a day” is the correct phrase.


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