Winchester Model 12 Turned Into HD Shotgun


There are some neat gns out there still to be had. Some need a little bit of work to turn them into something pretty sweet. An B-ARFCOM member found this old Model 12 that has seen better days and turned it into a nifty riot length shotgun for home defense. Below youc an see 1srelluc‘s handiwork.

I found this very distressed 1923 12 ga Winchester Model 12 at the pawn shop and took it home for $150.00 OTD…..Looked like a fun project.

Zero finish left.

It had a bulged barrel about 2.50″ back from the bead.

It was missing the take-down pin/spring and had a stick stuck in it to keep the magazine from rotating and wrapped in electrical tape. Lucky for me I had the parts on hand to fix that. Another stick served as a plug in the mag tube….Tossed that and cleaned the tube good. It was none the worse for wear.

The butt-stock had a crack going from the butt going toward the receiver of about 3″ so I fixed that….Easy fix….LOL….Someone must have been doing butt-stroke drills with it.

The butt-pad was, well, just a damn mess so I took it off and installed a repro Winchester butt-plate on it…..Also a on-hand part. I like the shorter LOP it gave me.

I chopped the barrel to 18.25″ and re-beaded it.

I ended up with a nice solid 6+1 HD shotgun.



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