Remington XP-100


Above is a very nice Remington XP-100 bolt action pistol. You might recognize the action as being very much like the Model 600. Well, there is a reason for that. The pistol was the platform that also introduced the excellent .221 Fireball cartridge, something you don’t see very much these days. Or maybe depending on your age you probably never saw one at all. The fireball was the parent case of a popular .17 caliber wildcat round that not too long ago was adopted as a factory round.

The XP100 stock is nylon like the Model 66. You can see it is a bullpup like design that felt very good in the hand because of the center of balance. The XP100 became very popular with handgun varmint hunting. Later in the end of the 1990s Remington brought out what they called the XP100R. This used a stock with the grip at the rear. The R had an internal magazine and fired rounds like .260 remington and .22-250, .308 etc. Too much for the short barrel. It wasn’t all that great. A close friend had one in .260 and it was not pleasant.

The action for the R went on to be used for the XR-100 single shot rifle. You may remember that one if you are a very long time reader of mine. Below is the XR100 chambered in the superb .204 Ruger round. Rifle belongs to a close friend and I wrote about it way back int he year of our Lord , 2012.


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