M249 spare barrel bag.


I was surfing the web, shopping around for something I need, and I found this for sale. In a moment of weakness, I bought it.

Initially when I carried the SAW, we used M60 spare barrel bags for our spare barrels. Later those were replaced with this bag. Why I bought one, hell if I know.

Much to my surprise, the bag I received was new in wrap. I almost felt bad ripping the plastic off it.

It was nicely folded and buckled up. I was worried for a moment that the carry strap was not included.

Opposite the buckles, you have a briefcase handle, and two additional sling loops. I prefer to use these loops over the ones at the end of the bag as I felt it kept the bag more stable. But it is always nice to have options.

Opening it up, the heavy duty carrying strap was tucked away inside. You can see the insulated lining, and a pocket for your cleaning kit. Cleaning instructions (of the barrel bag) are sewn to the bag.

Unfortunately this bag is just short enough that many short barreled AR15 will not fit it. It is just a touch too short for any of my ARs assembled, or my breacher shotgun.

But it is perfect fit for my stand alone M203.

Yea. . . that must have been the reason I bought it, to have a case for my 203.



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