Winchester Model 51 “Imperial “


The Winchester Imperial aka the Model E or the Model 51. This is one of the rarest Winchester models made with only 24 produced. The Model E was the fifth in a development series that led to the Models F and G, better known as the Models 54 and 70, respectively. The whole series (starting with the Model A in 1913) was influenced by Mauser actions, including the 1903 and the P14/M1917. Even modern production Model 70s have roots in these guns. This rifle is number three and bears the caliber designation “.27 Cal”, chambered in what we now know as .270 Winchester. One of three Imperials in the collection, this one was probably made in early 1919.


  1. That rifle is *remarkably* similar to my 1957 BSA Imperial Featherweight. Other than the bolt handle, it could easily be mistaken for it. If copying was done, at least the Brits used a handsome rifle as a pattern.

    My BSA is in proper .30-06, though… and it’s wearing a 1960s Redfield “TV View” scope with rectangular lenses, which I felt was close enough an “era-correct” optic. The BSA’s irons are quite good, but alas, my eyes no longer are.


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