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Presidential Firearms

Some interesting pictures from the Cody Firearms Museum.

First is a Winchester model 64 in .30-30 WCF given to Regan in 1993.

Next is a Winchester Model 70, serial number 500,000 made for presentation and given to the 2nd most over rated shitbag president in history , second only to His Holiness BHO.

Last is Eisenhower’s model 1894 Winchester in .30-30 WCF serial number 2,500,000.

2 thoughts on “Presidential Firearms”

  1. Nah, JFK is way below Second for most over rated Presidents…Lincoln, Reagan, and H.W. definitely beat him out. At least he didn’t have time to accomplish (or screw up) anything really notable. Perhaps he would have gotten higher on the list if his head wasn’t turned into a canoe…

  2. Armalite gave JFK an M-16; it’s listed among his “Presidential Gifts.” Presumably it was a semiauto, none of the references I ever saw said. He would probably have been comped on the paperwork by the ATF anyway.


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