Shooting The Martini-Henry .310 Cadet Rifle


I shot the Martini in 310 some to see how it groups. Ammo for the .319 Greener is pretty much a handload only option these days. Not a big demand for the .310 cartridge these days.

Above is Brady’s load for the 310. Warning. only safe in this gun, use at your own risk etc etc.

Above is a 3 round group shot at 50 yards. All in the orange. Pretty surprising for me. The sights are not easy to work with needing a very fine bead. I used up a lot of ammo getting the hang of the proper sight picture.

This is another 50 yard group. You can see the rounds above and below the sighting sticker where I tried a couple differnet sight pictures before I got it right. You have to aim like you are using those old crappy buckhorn sights. One I figured this out I moved on to shooting the last of the ammo at 100 yards.

Not bad in my opinion. I’d take that all day long and be happy if it was my gun. Hopefully the new owner can refine the handload some with modern powders and bullets. Brady’s original 1984 load is pretty damn good as expected though and I would probably stick with it unless some one showed me some MOA groups from another handload.

These cadet rifles are a lot of fun to shoot. Almost all quality single shot rifles are fun to shoot in my opinion though.


  1. Nicely done. You have to wonder what the Aussies were thinking letting all those fine rifles get away.

    Or maybe it’s a good thing, considering what they’ve been doing with gun ownership of late.


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