Today Is The BIG Day


Here we are. D-Day. Good luck to us. Remember, no matter how it turns out, politicians only have sway in your life if you let them.


  1. Oy Vey!!
    One question though: Is Goyim a Chinese term for Gentile subjects by the Chinese that supposedly run the US political-economic-financial-media complex, or the term of a certain other group?

    • When all political parties in the running are controlled, bankrolled and in the pocket of the same actual rulers, it doesn’t matter who votes.
      Remember, if elections changed power, elections would be outlawed. No rulers EVER have allowed themselves to be removed from power by pieces of paper (or electrons in the case of electronic voting), and a hostile foreign tribe ruling over their goyim slaves are the least likely to ever do so.

  2. I’m happy you guys finally came around to seeing the truth about who really runs things. Patriots who are intelligent and good intentioned always do, some just take longer than others. Do you know about Chuck Schumer and bill Barr’s anti gun past crimes at Waco and Ruby ridge?


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