Yale Psychiatrist Suggests Middle America May Need To Be ‘Leveled’ Like Dresden


Yale Psychiatrist Suggests Middle America May Need To Be ‘Leveled’ Like Dresden to Stop Trump

Middle America may need to be “leveled” like Dresden in order to break the Hitler-esque “spell” Trump has on his supporters, Yale psychiatrist Bandy X Lee appeared to suggest in a post on Twitter.

Lee, who bills herself as an “expert on global violence prevention,” wrote Wednesday on Twitter (Archive):

   A reporter whose grandparents were refugees from Nazi Germany related to me: “I cannot help but remember a conversation I had with my grandfather … about the firebombing of Dresden, whether he thought the Allies should be reproached for targeting civilians.

   He said—I remember this well—that it was a necessity, because nothing short of the sight of SEEING THEIR CITIES LEVELED would have broken the spell. The German public, he said, was not open to reason. They could not be persuaded to abandon Hitler….”

   That comment haunted her, she said.

   Needless to say, we are seeing the same phenomenon here, and every day that Donald Trump has exposure to the public, he spellbinds his followers ever more deeply, as mental health experts are precisely the ones banned from comment.


  1. Ummmmkay

    The problem with this type of person is that – and I am no mad Trump fan – they don’t seem to see that this type of logic can go in *borh* directions.

    If you see the ‘enemy civilians’ as worthy of ‘levelling ‘, then…..

    I see way too many people right now with the hots for violence rhetoric.

  2. Yeah, she’s the same dumbass that has been “diagnosing” Trump with all kinds of disorders without actually, you know, meeting him. You have to wonder, given her thoughts about mass murder, re-education and such, who actually has the disorders.

  3. Well, the same people who murdered millions of German, Japanese and Russian civilians (during the Holodomor) are the same ones who are in the process of specifically wiping out the peoples of European descent along with anyone else who rivals their power and control around the globe, so really not a surprise.
    And these people have a very common trait that binds them together.

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