Some people just did some things again.This time in Vienna, Austria; reports of casualties



  1. Europe has absorbed 27 Million refugees, mostly from North Africa and the Middle East.
    The biggest mass migration since WW2.
    Most of them Islamist.
    Obama and Hillary’s gift to Western Civilization.
    Has anyone else noticed that Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi both ran pretty much secular regimes?
    And that Libya went from the wealthiest country in Africa to having open air slave pens?
    Obama has no problem with Slavery.
    Don’t believe me, take a look at the human rights waiver Obama granted Indonesia
    At least we still have our loyal allies of Al Quaeda ( In Syria), Pakistan and especially Saudi Arabia.
    Oh, and Israel.
    How could I forget Israel?
    And it isn’t to early to memorize the words to “We love you mama Harris”, sung to the same tune as “We love you papa Doc”.

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