Review: Tango Down PR-16A4 Sling Mount


BLUF: Pricy, but it works. An excellent solution to a problem few people care about.

The Tango Down PR16-A4 is a QD sling mount that clamps to the A2 buttstock.

I’ve wanted one of these since the first time I saw one. Might have been over a decade now. It looks like these have been discontinued, so I bought one from a dealer that still had one in stock.

The packaging was very dusty. Must have been sitting on the warehouse shelf for a long time. I think I might have only seen 1 or 2 photos of this on someone’s rifle. I don’t recall if I have ever seen a picture of it in use.

It cost me about $70 shipped. That really feels over priced for what it is. It is two stamped metal sheets, four bolts, 4 riveted in nuts, and a quality QD socket (not pictured).

Installation should be simple, but it is awkward to hold it in place when you get the first couple of bolts in.

It sits near the receiver and gives you a QD socket on each side of the gun.

Having the bolts come up from the bottom makes it much harder to install than if it came in from the top. But that also makes them less likely to catch on anything.

The M16A2 and M16A4 come from a time before we commonly used all manor of modern adjustable quick detach slings. They comes with the standard rifle sling loops on the bottom of the stock and the gas block. Those original sling mounts work great for high power, gravel belly type shooting, they are terrible for modern dynamic combatives.

Usually the solution used for a rifle like the A2 or A4 is the 3-point sling. While they are excellent for carrying the rifle during administrative actions. The strap across the gun can interfere with rapid manipulation of the bolt catch. The design of 3-point slings tend to interfere or make it slow or hard to switch shooting shoulders.

Using a 2-point sling that has the first point attached near the rear of the receiver, and the second rapidly moveable from the handguard to the rear of the receiver (or the sling it self) makes for a sling that works great for administrative carry and can be switched to allow for maximum movement and mobility of the gun.

The Magpul MS4 QDM sling is a good example of such a sling.

I feel that this sling mount, combined with a QD socket forward on the handguard, and a sling like the Magpul MS4 QDM is the best sling option for a rifle like the A2 or A4 that will see constant carrying and rapid movement in fighting. I would have loved to have one of these back when I was in Iraq.

The big downside is that this thing is $70ish. And we are pretty much all moving away from rifles. When I took my Colt AR15A4 out to the range yesterday I saw in the log book that I hadn’t shot it in 14 months to the day.

Not a lot of people are choosing on their own to take the full sized rifle into the fight now. And those that are, are not likely to be trying to buy any little widget to make their live easier.

So this great little widget is not well known, over looked, and just never sold well enough for someone to decide to make a cheaper knockoff.

Oh well, some of these are still out there for the five of us who want one.



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