Laser Cutting custom non-skid tape


I was given a .dxf file for cutting non-skid for the Sig P320 X-Carry. Unfortunately, the pieces appear to be scaled wrong. The DXF imported into my laser cutter at about 10 inches tall. Scaling it down proportionally left the side pieces slightly too large and the front and back pieces way to small.

-sigh- It can never be easy, can it?


  1. No, but it’s getting better. Somewhat.

    This particular problem seems to happen with dxf files a lot, in my experience.

    After a few, um, “learning opportunities in metal,” I treat them – when I come across one, which is less often these days – as digital paper blueprints, rather than a 2d projection of the desired solid. For instance, a shape might have dimensions showing it as, say, a perfect square, but the shape itself might be a rectangle. So, useful as a basis for making a new solid model, but almost always faster to make a new solid model versus importing and trying to double check and then fix all the dimensions.

  2. Any time that sort of project work right the first time I do sort of a mental crouch…I know that m-fer Murphy is planning his next surprise.

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