Some More Classic Firearms History


We’ve had a lot of nostalgia this week with old vintage target rifles and custom guns. While at Brady’s last weekend, he dug through his files for me to show you some original stuff that I doubt you will ever be likely to run across in person these days.

Above and below is some stuff from Al Freeland and Unertl. At top is for the BSA Martini MK III Brady bought from Freeland


  1. Unertl photos extra interesting. Lived in NE OH in early ’70s. Went to Unertl factory in PA intending on a factory tour. The fellow nearly ran me out stating most all the stuff in the factory was for the military. He did let me compare 3 or 4 increasing eyepiece lens on my 24X Programmer 200. Couldn’t tell any difference in them. Bought one bought one and never use it. On eBay recently saw an increasing eyepiece go for almost what i paid for the scope new in ~’ 69.


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