2020 Kentucky Squirrel Season 10-27-20


The day started out misty and cool at around 55 degrees. By 300PM the sun came out.

I was about to call it a day when finally I saw one on the ground. One shot and I hit the big FIVE-ZERO!. That’s right. I hit 50 kills this season.

Best hunting year of my life. With that one, I am done hunting sqwacks for the year. Certainly anything more is just greedy. I cleaned the 12 gauge Model 31 I bought this year and used for 90 percent of the kills and put it away in the safe. It can rest knowing it served me perfectly.

So that’s it for the season. I will pick back up with modern gun season for deer in a couple of weeks.


  1. Thanks for sharing the adventures with us they’ve been a nice escape from the office. Perhaps maybe a cooking thread on the little rats?

  2. Congrats on a great season. It was fun to track with you.

    If you’re done with squirrels but want to stretch your season a little more, get a predator call and go hard after those coyotes. Hand calls and mouth calls are cheap, and either .223 or #4 buck out of your 12 or 16 ga will punch their tickets.

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