Surfing for Dolphins


We previously established our quintessential gyrene, Toxic. Here is the main story I wanted to share.

We were on a field op and we are in our encampment (not a proper patrol base, but just a designated location for us to stay in down time).

I’d come back from a . . uh. . . what should I call it? Not really a patrol, we were the aggressors, so it was go somewhere and die in place was our mission.

Some of the guys in the bivouac were goofing off and the like. One of the guys, quite the character, we shall call him Jalapeno. Pulls out some mini boxes of raisins. Asks if I want some, I say sure, and he tosses me a box.

It was common for us to have pogie bait (or should it be spelled pogue? I think pogue would be singular, so maybe pogue’?). So sharing some would be nothing out of the unusual. I open the raisin box and look and find they had filled one with little animal feces, maybe rabbit.

I gave some response like, “Very funny”, and I was about to toss the box in the fire, when Jalapeno asks for it back so he can get someone else. If I recall correctly, he pranks ol’Larry, who responded about the same as me. Someone, in this case it might have been me, suggested it was kinda stupid as no one was going to eat them. Jalapeno observantly notes that Toxic would just down a box with out thinking. We all agree. It gets planned out. We return to resting as we wait for the group Toxic is in to get back.

It played out exactly as planned.

We are all smoking and joking, Toxic’s group come back. Doff their gear and join the crowd. After a bit, Jalapeno, goes to his daypack, opens it up, and pulls out the pack of mini boxes of raisins. He asks if anyone wants any. I say that I do. He tosses me a box. I open it, take a glace that it isn’t the target’s box, and once I am sure they are actually raisins, I start eating raisins. Old Larry takes a box starts eating. Someone else might have taking some as well. Everyone was waiting, watching. Jalapeno turns to Toxic. “Want some raisins?” Toxic takes a box.

He opens the top. Pours the whole box in his mouth, chews, swallows.

This shit tastes like shit!


I think I don’t have to explain how we responded to that.

Anyone else think the California Raisins are creepy as hell?


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