Which 1980s crime drama city would you live in and what would you carry?


Our friend and regular guest poster, Luis posted a fun topic on B-ARFCOM over the weekend Think about it and post your answers in the comments.

Which place would you live in if it was an 1980s crime drama movie?

Los Angeles, CA
Chicago, IL
Miami, FL
New York City, NY
Detroit, MI
Dallas, TX

You can carry whatever you want. Being a working stiff at a dead end job isn’t a problem for you since you’re either a plainclothes gumshoe or a crime boss getting into trouble all the time.

The world is basically as if Michael Mann was God and create the universe.

So where would you live, what would you carry, and what side of the law would you be on?

Me, I’d carry my S&W 645 and a Mossberg Shockwave (as a WitPro Gun) and live in Miami, FL of course chasing dope dealers.

The Model 65 and Star PD 45 would be my off duty guns. In the trunk, I’d keep a Mini-14 GB of course.

You can see the poll results and answers at the link.



  1. LA. Colt Delta Elite.

    LA in the 80’s was a really unique time and place. Chicago, NYC, Detroit? They were all armpits then, and they’re armpits now.

    Miami would be my second choice.

    Dallas? Meh. It’s hot as hell and I’m not from Texas, so it would be socially isolating back in the 80’s to live in Dallas.

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