Riton Optics Patrioptic Series



Tucson, AZ (23 October 2020) Riton Optics is proud to announce the first release of the new Patrioptic series of products.

As the World’s only Military and Law Enforcement Veteran Owned optics company, Riton has made their mark in the industry by providing quality, value and service superior to market competitors. In their mission to provide best-in-class products and service, Riton’s core focus is always on the customer, including customer product testing and customer influenced product development.

The Founder and CEO of Riton Optics, Brady Speth, stated the following: “It has always been a goal of ours to bring manufacturing to the United States, and the Patrioptic line is our first step in that direction.”

The Patrioptic series features the high-quality components and Riton HD/ED glass that consumers have come to expect in Riton’s product line.

The Riton Patrioptic 1-8×28 is a limited edition scope and the first release of the U.S. assembled line.  This scope features the First Focal Plane, illuminated CM1 reticle with daylight bright green illumination to ease eye strain. As a tactical riflescope, the Riton Patrioptic 1-8×28 is perfect for close quarters combat, while also offering the ability to accurately engage targets and range estimate once the magnification is increased. The optic also features an integrated, removable throw lever, and is adorned with a special American flag engraving on the turret cap.

As Riton embarks on this journey to produce U.S. assembled products they are eager to continue the process of developing high quality optics for their customers and are excited for the future.



  1. Nice specs. 34mm tube, 28mm objective diameter, FFP, but given all that, not overly heavy at 25oz. (For comparison, an Atibal 1-8 Mirage FFP uses a 30mm tube with 24mm obj dia, and weighs 17.4 oz. The Atibal is around 68% of the weight, and will collect 73-74% of the light the Riton will, all else (e.g. coating quality) equal.)

    The price, though … $1776 is clever(ish) but, as someone who’d be getting it for basically a range toy, on the steep side.

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