Uncommon Guns Used in Middle East


A pretty interesting picture thread has started up on B-ARFCOM about rare guns popping up in the Middle East. You can see some below. Since the thread us ongoing I will have more parts as it continues.

From Yemen

Taliban thermal

Syrian Mosin

Just a casual M240 (Looks like one that received the PIP upgrade) for sale in Iraq recently.

Iraqi SBR (3rd hole…but only magnifier??)

A craft-produced 12.7x108mm Anti Materiel Rifle for sale in Idlib recently for $800

A US-made Shadow Systems MR918 pistol on sale in Yemen recently.
Easily worth $10k+ locally.

A Nazi-era MP44 (What became the StG 44) on sale in Idlib recently. It may have some mixed/refurb parts but is in otherwise very good condition.

Costs the grand total of $35, which is a little overpriced.


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