Matbock Acquire Read Deploy Sight


I saw this thing and I want one.

It is an electronic sight for 40mm weapons systems.

The Leaf Sight and the unobtainable Eotech Grenade Launcher are the two main passive aiming systems for the Eotech. By passive, I mean you can rapidly aim at multiple distances with out having to mess with the sight settings.

The quadrant sight has to be adjusted for the distance. Same for the PSQ-18, Mepro GLS, that abomination on the MGL, the Spuhr super expensive sight, etc.

This ARDS (I bet you they came up with the acronym before they came up with the name) claims to show you the range the round will impact based off the angle of the weapon. So, you would estimate the range to target, point the weapon at the target, then lift the muzzle until this unit says the same number as your range to target.

I think that is pretty cool. I want one.

BUT. . .

Matbock doesn’t say what type of batteries it uses.
We don’t know what the battery life is like.
Or how the controls work.
Is the “integrated picatinny rail mount” quick detach or not.
etc, etc.

I want one, but I’m sure I want to spend the cash to be an early testor.

I have messaged Matbock asking these questions.

If you would like to buy one for me, you can order it here:


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