I got to tell ya,I am pretty excited


I gotta make an unusual post today because I want to and I can do these things. That picture above is me back in 1997. Look at all that jet black hair! That aside the rifle is what is important.

That is a Martini cadet action converted to fire the .218 Bee. The barrel is a premium Douglas match barrel and it has a 8X Unertl on it. The stock was custom made by Brady and the barrel was turned and chamber reamed by Brady and Brady’s mentor, a custom gunsmith named Eddie Kitchen now long gone, RIP. This gun was made up by Brady, for his wife to use when they were newlyweds. Well you know how that goes. A strange thing about wahmyn is that they love what you love until they know they have their hooks good and set in you. Then suddenly they stop liking all that stuff. A strange phenomenon indeed.

Anyway. It set in Brady’s vault from 74 until 97 when he loaned it to me to play with. Very accurate and very fun. Cemented my love of the .218 Bee forever. Brady has decided to sell off some of his staggeringly huge gun collection due to age and a desire to see his guns go to the right people who have an appreciate for vintage target and varmint rifles , and will use them. Brady never forgot how much I loved that gun so I am getting it. Along with an AMT Hardballer Longslide and one of his Model 31s in 20 gauge.

I shot many crows with that custom martini while I had it. I developed a load for it using a 50 grain Nosler ballistic tip that shot sub MOA groups at 100 yards. I can’t describe how excited I am to own this baby myself.


  1. I got to tell ya, I would be pretty excited too. A friend has something very close to that in 219 Zipper (with a Weaver K10 B60 scope) and a few years ago, I helped him gin up enough ammo to keep it going for the foreseeable future. That kinda style makes a very shootable combination. While we’re not supposed to be covetous of other’s stuff, straight up I am extremely envious……..if my bud decides to turn that rifle I’ll sprain a wrist getting my wallet out fast enough.

  2. The most accurate rifle I ever owned was a Martini Cadet converted to .225 Winchester with a target barrel, trigger job and a Zeiss scope. Very similar to your gun. I sure do regret selling it.

    I’m filled with happy memories, including not having any grey hair!

  3. Shawn,

    Form question: when I shoot from the bench, I normally square my hips to the target, but I note yours are perpendicular to the target. Is there a rhyme or reason for that?

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