Hunting with the Model 31 Remington


Perfection in a hunting shotgun, Model 31 is thy name.

It’s been a heck of a squirrel season. The new Model 31 in 12ga has not let me down. Money well spent. Brady has told me he is going to sell some of his guns and has offered me his 20 gauge Model 31. That would make me one of each type made. I have to say I doubt I will pass on that one.

I had these old adverts for the 31 I meant to use a long time ago and didn’t for some reason or other.

There isn’t a shotgun for sporting use I would recommend to anyone over the Model 31 if you can find one.

Season is winding down for me as various deer seasons start. Too many people in the hills hunting bigger game. I’m about to make the switch to coyote and deer myself. Here are a couple of photos from yesterday’s hunt where I didn’t see one squirrel. Still worth it though.


  1. We were skunked on big game this weekend, but my oldest got his first squirrel. He and his brother were so excited that I thought they were going to come out of their shoes.


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