Too dangerous for civilians



  1. I’m more specifically interested in the fact that his dad (Joe) wanted to employ “Beto” to help him with gun grabbing. That one puts me into defense mode, and now feeling somewhat alone at it; since most people simply will not open fire in anger at the mostly white, highly trained, heavily armored “top men” brown-shirt jackasses at their front door, or go to prison over their firearms no matter how much they have invested in them. Most people have no plan in place, no added physical security to their home, no cameras, no alert system, no plans to get anything like that. I don’t know what they envision when they post their molṑn labé memes on the internet.

  2. Hell I don’t know.
    Maybe it all needs to burn down.
    Everything is so corrupt now there is no fixing it anyway.
    I just worry what kind of country we will be left with

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