Colt King Cobra Carry


See, I keep my promises. YOU guys asked for more revolver stuff and me and Colt delivered. I hope you keep in mind the effort Colt has went through to deluge me with wheel guns to satisfy your demands for more, more, more. On and on and on, always with the friggin demands for more 6 shooters, Jesus Harold Christ!!!! Anyway.. There will be even more at the start of 2021. I sure wish I could tell you know what colt has coming out early next year but I can’t. I you are going to be really surprised and happy though.

Anyway, I got this King Cobra Carry today and it is every bit as high quality as the Target King Cobra. Trigger is equal to the target model. Unlike the .38spl Cobra, the King Cobra is chambered in .357 mag. The rubber grips feel a lot better than than the Target Wood grips when it comes to shooting magnum loads. This is for CCW so of course it is tailored for that.

.38 and .357 ammo has become non-existent apparently. I have no idea when I will be able to do a second part accuracy test. Sorry about that. It is what it is and I’m sure you all have experienced the ammo shortage from the recent panic buying. As the Japanese say, Shikata ga nai.

So for now all I can do is show you the goods and ask you to be patient for the shooting portion.


  1. I’m always happy to see more wheelgun articles. Oddly enough though, I’ve been shooting my 1911 a lot more lately, and picked up a SIG P226 in 9mm yesterday.

  2. I’m curious why they chose wood grips for the “target” model and rubber grips for the “carry” model. My experience with carrying firearms with rubber grips is that they print way more than wood, plastic or metal firearms parts because they grab your cover garment. Very frustrating.

    • beside the idea that wood grips are more premium in a lot of peoples eyes, I dont think its too far out to imagine its because shooting magnum loads with a snubbie is not one damn bit of fun

  3. Hey, can you pull the grips off and give us a peek at the lockwork? If you could take detailed, close-up pics from both sides of the gun when the grips are off, that would allow me to see what they’ve done to the action since the original E&I revolvers.


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