N. Korean Army Small Arms and Gear Displayed on 10-10-2020 parade


Thanks to BARFCOM member Bedouin2W for his work taking screen shots

A couple of things to look for or notice when you’re looking at the screen grabs:

Lots of body armor and a variety of modern camouflage

Lots of suppressors

Elongated boosters or something on the NK AK-74

Saw some Mako looking grips on the -74s and what looks like some covers (possibly only ceremonial) on the -74 stocks.

Bullpup possibly based on the Chinese Type 95. If it is, this is a big deal because it means one of two things:
– This is a new Type 95 variant chambered in 5.45x39mm or
– The KPA have rifles in 5.56 NATO or 5.8×42mm

PCC looking AK on display

Plenty of helical mags being shown off

Pic-style rails with accessories, to include possible IR pointers which leads into…
Lots of NVGs. If their broke, hermit kingdom asses can get them, why can’t you (if you don’t have NODs).

I grabbed a lot of captures of the NK top folding AKs. They were new to me but they’ve been seen in North Korea before.

Some parade/ceremony SKSs and AKs. SO MUCH SHINE!

There were a few 7.62x39mm AKs but nothing special or unique that I could tell, so I didn’t grab any captures.

You can see a lot more at his thread .



  1. I’ve been to South Korea. The hardest looking bunch of stone killers I’ve ever seen, and that was the air hostesses. I would not want to fight those guys.

  2. i hope, when you decide to change the format of this site, do not follow the format of barfcom. I hope the website future of Loose Rounds seems a lot like it is now.


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