CW-2 Heating up in Denver



  1. Current word is he was a private security guard for the news Channel. Seems pretty sloppy for a private security to be popping off so easily. Who knows.

  2. Don’t know the shooter, but I know a lot of people in that line of work, professionally…there are a A LOT of thugs and communists getting those gigs, since no one else wants to be there. Most who do that work regularly are coolheaded, reasonable, and focused on avoidance and having a solid exit plan. Some aren’t.

    All the video shows is the faintest hint of some generic altercation in a small crowd, then dyed spray, and an immediate gunshot…so who knows WTF happened leading up to it. Hopefully more video will come out later.

    Short version: Just because he had a guard card and a pinkterton contract doesn’t mean he *wasn’t* a leftist, but it also doesn’t mean he wasn’t just doing his job, or just being a twat. Time will tell.

  3. Look at the still photos carefully. Look for the tat on the medial aspect of his right forearm. It appears consistent with some Antifa tats.


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