Mint Colt MK IV Series 70


So 2 weeks ago I had what was certainly the lowest serial First Year, 1970, MKIV 70 Series gun I will ever have. . .today I have what is likely the nicest 1970 MKIV 70 Series Govt Model I will ever have. Sadly the box style is right, but labeled for a slightly earlier Govt model….-Karl


  1. In my non-professional opinion I’ve always considered the Colt Series 70 .45ACP to be one of the finest firearms of the era. I purchased one in the early 70’s in Fayetteville, kept it stock until the 1980’s. I then had it lightly modified for IPSC by one of the gunsmiths at the original Detonics factory in Seattle and it preformed much better than I could shoot it.

    This pistol almost became a combat veteran in May 1978. I was a member of the Combat Control Team assigned to Pope AFB, NC. We were placed on alert to jump into Zaire during the unrest in that country. We drew out and packed all of our equipment we would need to include our issued weapons (GAU-5s). As we were waiting some political weenie decided that we should not appear threatening to the rebels so we were directed to turn in all weapons. We reluctantly complied but the next day I put my Colt and 50 rounds of ammo in my pack. Checking the rest of my team members, I think that ALL of them, to include our OIC (then) Lt Col Bob Farmer put a personal handgun in their kits. We were NOT going to deploy to a hostile region armed with nothing more than our Kabar knives and winning personalities.

    We remained in that condition for a few days until the Commander, Military Airlift Command (COMAC as the position was known at that time) stated that HIS personnel were NOT going to deploy to a possible combat environment unarmed. We immediately drew our weapons back out. I don’t recall if I took my Colt out of my pack or not.

    However the United States kept posturing and eventually the French and Belgians went in and took care of business. Another hurry up and wait until we cancel operation. Any my Colt remained a combat virgin

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