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Mexican raid on cartel ranch

Mexican feds reported the list of items seized;

long guns of different calibers, 50 caliber weapons, 1 anti-aircraft, 40 cal grenade launchers and 40 caliber grenades, handguns, smoke grenades, gas grenades, 250 magazines various caliber, 3 steel sabers, 110 tactical vests with CJNG markings, bullet repelling vests, brown tactical helmets, signal inhibitor.

Meth, mota, and chemicals plus equipment to manufacture drugs, security safes, currency, armored vehicles, license plates and 12 donkeys, 4 horses, 2 goats, and 2 bighorn sheep.

5 thoughts on “Mexican raid on cartel ranch”

    • Mexico would be a paradise if 8 year-olds in America couldn’t walk into grocery stores and buy *checks notes* 40 mm grenade launchers.


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