Hate Mail!


“Jet” came to the site for the first time this morning and was so angry at my opinion over Bushmaster & DPMS that he had to leave two comments at 300AM.

Wow what a shit blog. Seriously looking for some good opinions on the web. You seriously need to chill and stop insulting people. No one is interested in taking an opinion from an asshat.

As is my habit, my responses to commenters reflects the tone they comment to us with. So, go to hell.

You really are immature in your responses to readers. Attacking them because they question your opinion. I’m sure there will be plenty tuning out and reading elsewhere


The almost 2 million visitors to the site this year begs to differ.


  1. “Asshat” – that seems to be a favorite insult by leftists. They’re particularly pleased at inventing the term.

  2. HA!
    Hate mail is always good!
    Shows you are getting to them!
    Oh and yeah,I’m clicking the ads everytime I check in.
    I guess I’m a dumbass,I didn’t understand the ads,money,website deal,thanks Howard.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  3. Awesome,I enjoy hate mail and if do not get a regular fix may have to shit stir and post some nonsense opinions(more nonsensical then me regular opinions)just to keep this stuff going!

    As companies/calibers ect. go never understood the animosity,agree to disagree and use what you like/works for you.

      • They don’t want your opinion; they want an authority figure to confirm theirs.

        Speaks to a bad case of insecurity, or maybe attempting to mentally head off a bout of buyer’s remorse they suspect is gonna be epic. (Paying $1500 for a “last one I got in stock fella… I like you so I’ll throw this good-as-Trijicon red dot for only $300 more…” no-name AR, for instance.)

  4. Something must be wrong with me. According to “Jet”.

    I’ve found your postings interesting and informative, especially about your early years in SF. And I absolutely love pictures and descriptions of 1911’s. Probably my favorite handgun right up there with the S&W Model 15 (oops, my AF roots showing).

    As for “Jet”, he can go pound sand.


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