2020 Kentucky Squirrel Hunting 10-3-2020


I went hunting over the weekend of course. I have fund a new spot. Saturday evening I spent a few hours there and nailed 5. This put me at 43.

It got dark on me and I had to leave. As I walked away there was 4 more in the trees around me barking. More for the next day.

Sunday in the same spot produced these two. That makes 45 for the season total. I swear the top squirrel died from the 16gauge and not heart disease.

Look how big that fat bastard is. The one to the right is a normal adult squirrel. I have never seen one in the wild that fat. It was right above me in a hickory tree so high up that when I shot him, the pellets that didn’t hit the sqwack came back down and fell around me head and shoulders.

Something had snatched half the tail off this one at some point in the past. Not that it’s something he has to worry about anymore.


  1. We have a big chunky boy like that that makes his rounds in the neighborhood. My first impulse is to get him, but it’s suburbia and it is pretty funny watching him argue with the dog so he gets a pass.


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