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Shawn asked me to write about this, we talk about this often but today Shawn asked me to share our thoughts with you.

Advertisements suck. We didn’t want to run ads for anything other than products and brands we support.
If you agree that ads suck, I highly recommend you run uBlock Orgin and you won’t have to see them. Another more tech savvy alternative is to set up a pi-hole.

Well, for about a decade we were paying for this site out of our pockets. By running Google Ads we are turning a profit. That is, if we just look at the income compared to the expenses of running the site.

( not including the website now attached to the site that we pay for out of our own pocket since we do not run ads on Kevin’s content-Shawn)

Earlier today, we just spent $81 to get an improvement on some of our backend. But you’ll probably not notice the difference from that.

Someone complained that they saw a Biden ad on our site. Well guess what, we got paid to run that ad. It not like your going to vote for him since there was that ad. Unless we somehow find a better source of revenue, we are going to keep running ads.

Quite frankly the layout of our site sucks.

We have reached the limit of what I can do with this WordPress theme combined with my limited knowledge of html and css code.

We want to overhaul the layout of the site. We also know that when we do this, it is critical we get it right.

I’ve not yet found the right solution for us.

Last couple of times we changed the site format, some people loved it, others hated it. I know that is the way it is.

We are using a blog format, we could switch to a new site format. We have debated and rejected that several times in the past but ultimately it will probably happen someday. Maybe someday when we have the money to pay a web-tech to do it for us.

We have the awkward problem that has too much content to work well with a basic blog format, but we don’t want to switch to a news site where you have to click on links to read articles, and you only see some click-bait title trying to trick you into reading the article, etc.

I’m going to be reviewing the NX8 scope soon. Last thing I want to do is have some title like, “NX8, best combat scope ever?” But I know if I did, we would probably get more hits.

We have received more than a few complaints about press releases.

We also receive more page views a day now that we have been posting press releases.


More people seem to like them than not.

We are not going to buy every new widget that comes out. Now if you want to buy them for us, we will gladly write about them. But we are not going to spend all that money out of our own pockets. We don’t have the money to do that.

There is always something new, and lots of people want to hear about whatever is new. That is why we now post press releases. We post what the company tells us. It is not an endorsement from us.

Don’t like it? Might I suggest voting for Biden then. He’ll outlaw guns and there won’t be anything new for companies to announce. :-p

Every day we get several emails from people wanting us to shill their product or website. For free, mind you.

Fuck em.

But. . we could use money to improve things.

We have been debating having sponsored posts. A third party could pay to post content (likely a thinly veiled ad) on this site.

That sucks right?

Well, maybe not. It would give us more content you could read. You wouldn’t have to read it. It would be labeled sponsored content so you could always just ignore it. Who knows, some of the products might actually be cool. But who are we kidding, it will probably be ads for penis enlargement pumps.

Joking aside. If we do this, it might be a way to add some potentially interesting content and generate funds for improving the site and getting cool stuff to review.

We have a Paetron account. I don’t think we ever mentioned it or even completed the setup.

Often with Paetron content creators share exclusive content with their paying fans.
Shawn and I don’t want to do that.

We briefly talked about a couple of options. One was to offer Paetron levels and promise nothing in return.

One idea I really like is to take donation, use those donations to buy something to review, then when the review is done, give the item away to one of the donators (like a raffle).

But it could be really easy to run afoul of raffle and lotto law.

If we did something like that, it would probably be best if anyone could enter the giveaway (provided they could accept the item in question), but the paid supporters get extra entries.

Doing something like that would be a whole issue in it self.

There was a gun magazine some years back had a comment from one of their writers about how all these people contacted him wanting to be a gun writer. They would lose interest when they learned the pay.

Not that long ago we had a writer from former gun magazine contact us asking if he could get a job writing for LooseRounds.

I could not suppress my laughter when I saw that.

As Shawn pointed out in our talk about it, back when the gun magazines were in publication they never would have considered giving us the time of day.

Recently someone complaining about our site and said we were better than that.

No we’re not. Fuck you.


I wish I were as articulate, silver tonged, and eloquent as Shawn.

Listen folks, we are trying to make a fun and informal site about a shared passion. Shawn and I have seen other writers talk down to people, act like holier-than-thou know-it-alls, or simply forget that this is suppose to be fun.

So if you have a suggestion for how we can improve, go ahead and give us a comment on this article. Don’t worry, we won’t actually read them, or make any of those changes.

Anyways, here is a video of me playing around with the NX8 at 1x and fooling around a bit with the PERST-2. I moved the Perst-2 to the top rail and am trying it there.


      • Do what you wanna do guys. The way I see it, this is like a little bar where I can come and drink whiskey (my own) in the evening and converse with like minded men about the things that interest me.

        The owners set the rules, so as long as you don’t do things like ask me to make BLM fist salutes to demonstrate my wokeness or some silly arse shit like that then change the format or do whatever you please and I won’t give a toss.

        There’s too many fragile people out there who emit shit like “whaaa…you changed your format….I’m never coming back”. Fuck that noise. Keep writing interesting stuff about guns and marksmanship and I’ll keep coming here as long as my arsehole is pointing at the ground.

  1. I read it every day as well. The ads don’t bother me. You gotta keep the lights on. It’s obviously a passion and I hope you don’t go anywhere.

    I don’t comment all the time, but I love the articles on history. Keep up the good work. Why change anything? Seems to be working the way it is?

    • why change it? because we are not happy with it ourselves and the website has grown to the point we need more options to keep growing and to offer more. LooseRounds has grown and evolved a lot in the last few years and there are things we want to do that we can’t in the current framework.

  2. If you need ad money to keep weaponsman available, then make it so.

    If you ever stop keeping it available, call me and I’ll find a way to do so.

    • we are not going to take Kevin’s site down. Ever. And we are not going to make money off of a dead friend’s content. Nor are we going to hand it off for some one else to. On top of that I promised Kevin’s brother we would never monitize Weaponsman. If you want to help, you can use the paypal donate button to donate money to help us pay the costs of hosting it here

      • Outstanding.

        I came here via Kevin’s place, as you know, and your dedication to preserving that fine gentleman’s memory does you great credit.

  3. Loose Rounds is the gun blog I enjoy most and I’m quite happy with it, ads, warts and all but if the blog owners want to change it, more power to them.

    I was extremely impressed that you guys took on the task of keeping Hognose’s blog alive. It took a lot of vision to do that, and I’m grateful.

  4. “Someone complained that they saw a Biden ad on our site. Well guess what, we got paid to run that ad.“

    I click through on all the Democrats’ ads I see on this site. I consider it win-win: It costs the Democrat money and some of that money goes to you guys. If I could figure out how to keep Google from getting a skim, it’d be perfect.

    “It would be labeled sponsored content so you could always just ignore it.”

    This wouldn’t bother me at all, FWIW.

  5. If you’re getting paid by the click we should hit every Biden ad on Loose Rounds twice, because I love the idea of Democrat PACs paying your bills

    • i should be clear om this. DO NOT click the same advert twice in a 24 hour period. it does no good at all and they even punish us a little because it figures out what you are trying to do. click different ads. the google ones. the gun stuff are advertisers who paid us a set fee already. The Colt ad for instance is an example of that

      • So I turn off uBlock and privacy badger (seems the latter was blocking more ads, in fact) and the first ad I see is … of someone hugging a pillow.

        That’s almost a non-sequiter too far pre-coffee…

  6. I don’t have any “big ideas” on how to improve the site at this time, but I will give it some thought.

    One of the things I’ve occasionally wished for were higher-resolution photos, so when you put up pictures of a pretty gun, I can blow it up and call attention to small details. It would be on a minority of all photos you put up on LooseRounds, tho. I don’t know how you get charged for bandwidth or storage.

    What would sometimes (rarely) be an interesting feature if it were possible if I could find a way to easily edit/annotate a picture for you guys and send it back to you or drop it somewhere for your review and placement on the blog. There have been a couple of times I wanted to call attention to small part or details of gunsmithing – eg, the pics of Swenson 1911’s, or something similar.

  7. I love the site as you have it. It’s generally no BS and I love the stories you choose and update. The layout is fantastic in my opinion, and changing it is a solution looking for a problem to solve. The personal stories are not just braggadocio BS. They’re written from the perspective of imperfect humans, and that makes them very readable. The Vietnam stories are compelling and remind me who my heroes are. I’m thankful for the site you have created. Joe Biden is welcome to waste his money here IMO

  8. Seriously who is complaining about ads? Every site has them. And I got a chuckle knowing the dnc paid you a little.

    Its Your site do as you please.

    I know Jack all about web design so I’m no great help, but I wonder if something like daily tabs or something along those lines would allow you to do more with WordPress? Just thinking out loud.

    Everything seems fine to me.

  9. You guys are doing great. The site is very readable and informative. I can’t think of a way to improve it- which likely just shows my own ignorance.
    I don’t like ads, but I get it. Everybody has to eat and nobody eats for free.
    Keep up the good work.
    It great that you keep Kevin’s work alive. Thanks for that as well.

  10. Hey, guys, no complaints and a big thank-you. As you say, your site your rules re content, ads, etc. I usually don’t see many ads because 99% of the time I’m reading on a phone or tablet, and I run uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger. (Out here where we live, they help with load times as much as any other reason to run them.)

    One suggestion on the cost front, taken from GunFreeZone – when you find you need funds to keep up the site, just straight-up ask; then have a link to make it easy to donate. And if it would help add feature that would let Dyspeptic Gunsmith contribute more, I’m definitely in! (Yes you have a PayPal link at the bottom of the page but it’s all the way down there and who scrolls to the bottom once they learn to use the prev and next article links?)

  11. I had no idea that by clicking the ads you guys got a little monies,thought they just paid to have ad on site and that was it,will click every visit a site or two.


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