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Qore Performance IceVents Aero Universal Holster Pad

Sterling, VA – Qore Performance recently expanded their popular IceVents lineup of unique padded ventilation solutions to include a simple fix for a universal hotspot on the hip under rigid, mid-length drop holsters. IceVents Aero Universal Holster Pad was built to comfortably mitigate the friction and pressure build up from long-term wear of holsters using SafariLand’s UBL platform and other similar mounts.

From Qore Performance Co-Founder and CEO, Justin Li, “We all love the SafariLand UBL and QLS system, but we all also had a pretty annoying pressure point on our hips after full days of training on the range, which brought back memories of painful shifts on duty. With relatively minor adjustments, IceVents Aero became a simple and effective solution. The initial feedback we’ve received is that we weren’t the only ones feeling this pain.”

The IceVents Aero Universal Holster Pad incorporates the extruded thermoplastic honeycomb of IceVents used for shoulder, chest, and duty belt padding and ventilation, and adds a breathable loop pile backing that attaches easily to the SafariLand UBL with a small piece of adhesive-backed hook tape. Qore Performance also includes a section of two-sided Velcro OneWrap in the package for additional security if desired.

IceVents Aero Universal Holster Pad continues the Qore Performance record of addressing thermoregulation challenges that inhibit human performance. Check out the rest of their IceAge EcoSystem for other effective solutions in temperature regulation and hydration for tactical, law enforcement, and industrial safety professionals.

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