Kit of the Week: KAC 2 Stage Trigger


Knights Armament Match Trigger Group SR-25 Two Stage Black #25926

Many companies offer “match” triggers for the AR15.

I tend to hear about Geissele line and the LaRue MBT the most for fighting firearms. The Armalite, RRA, Timney, Gold, and any number of others for bunch or competition guns.

Some of the triggers, like the Timney, can provide an awesomely light trigger for benchrest or competition shooting. But they can be too light for a fighting rifle. Others like the Armalite are nice to use, but have had issues with breaking in the past. That is why they are not recommended for a fighting firearm.

The Geissele SSA is my favorite, but the price of it has gone up multiple times since I last bought one. The Larue MBT is probably the best for the dollar value. The SSA is not twice as good as a MBT.

Well at over three times the price of a MBT, I bought a KAC 2 Stage Match Trigger.

Why? Because I felt like it. I wanted something that would look like a USGI trigger and I (mistakenly) thought the KAC trigger was unmarked.

I purchased this one from MidwayUSA for $321.30. I received it about a week after ordering it.

Colt no-notch trigger on the left, KAC 2 stage on the right

KAC offers two versions, one appears to be completely matte chrome, the other (as pictured) has a black (likely parkerized) trigger.

The parts appear to be either cast or metal injection molded. There is a dimple on the right side of the hammer that appears to be from hardness testing. It comes with a little pin to hold the disconnector in place for installation making installation easier. It also comes with the two interchangeable hammer/trigger pins.

The KAC trigger has a trigger pad similar to a USGI trigger. On this new trigger, the finish makes it feel rough and grippy, but I don’t expect that feeling to last long.

I wasn’t able to get a clear picture, but there is a little KAC text on the side of the trigger.

I’ve read that the increased mass of the KAC hammer gives it a longer lock time than the Geissele. I don’t know if it is true or not, but it seems plausible to me.

Installation is straight forward, nothing special required. The trigger assembly is short enough that you can install it with out removing the safety.

Here it is sitting it its new home.

Someone some years back reported that in the military the KAC two stage triggers would lose their first stage when they got dirty. Also that they had to be replaced more often, around 5000 rounds. These stories are about the older KAC two stage trigger design. This newer design is not suppose to have those issues, and is reported to have a 50,000 round life span.

Personally, I am not impressed.

My cheap trigger pull gauge measures this trigger pull at between 4.75 to 5.5 pounds with most of the pulls being round 5 lbs.

When I first installed this trigger it felt gritty. The cleared up, and it is an improvement over the USGI style trigger. I just don’t think this is worth the cost over the Larue Tactical MBT which sells at $80.


  1. Thanks for the write up on the KAC 2 stage. I certainly won’t be buying one and would expect them to be much better than this.

    It’s impossible to beat the Larue, I have 10 of them. They are every bit as good as a comparable model Geissele, in some ways I’d argue a touch better.

    If one is on a budget (who isn’t these days) it’s hard to beat the Dirty Bird single stage. It’s a mil-spec polished and coated job but really reasonable price compared to say the ALG. Buy the DB without springs and pick up a Kaw Valley Precision blue spring set for a pull about 5.5 lbs. You can get the double the price JP yellow springs about 3.5 lbs but it’s a little light and might have concerns with hard primers. You can mix and match the two companies springs and get a weight about 4.5lbs. ( I’ve done all this and measured the pulls in my rifles).

    I LOVE the Larue but could easily live with the Dirty Bird trigger it’s that much of an improvement over stock mil-spec imo.

  2. Not the first kac product ive found to not live up to the hype. I like a lot of the stuff they make and have a decent amount of it, but several items are absolutely ridiculously absurd in pricing vs what you get.


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