A Tragic Loss For the Country This Week


No, not that old ,dried up, cancer ridden commie. I’m talking about Jizzy P, Dawg!

DETROIT A rising star in Detroit’s rap community was shot and killed Tuesday night while sitting in a car on the city’s west side.

Aaron Mays, better known as Jizzle P, was just starting to get some attention on the national stage.

His mother, Senekua Mays, said she walked out of her home at 8:15 p.m. on Tuesday night. Her 25-year-old son was sitting in a car and the two of them were talking. That’s when she said someone ran up and opened fire on her son.

His Father couldn’t been found for comment..

“My heart don’t hurt, my soul hurt … I watched my son die,” she said.

Senekua Mays said she couldn’t see the suspect’s face because of the muzzle flashes from the gun.

“I couldn’t see his face at all the fire from the gun it was just too …” his mother said. “I’m going to be strong for him. That’s why. He don’t want me to cry, he don’t want me to mourn — and he don’t want to be on a t-shirt.” Press X in the comments to express doubt..

Never gonna get that cure for cancer or put a man on Mars if all of these future scientists and astronauts keep getting shot.

Rest in Power, Jizzy you young Kang of the streets.



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