Retainer Catch (SRC3)


Developed by Condition Gray and manufactured by EMDOM USA, the Gen 3 Sling Retainer Catch allows the Rifle sling to be secured yet ready to put into action, and allows you to strap your tourniquet to the front of your holster, where you’ll always have it.

Made in USA and offered in Black, MultiCam and MultiCam Black.

Condition Gray Gen 3 Sling Retainer Catch Overview

Tourniquet Storage:
Addressing the larger Safariland Holster’s such as the Sig 320 series, M17, and M18 we extended the main band of our SRC-2 by 2 inches. This will help accommodate the entire Safariland lineup regardless of any accessories such as weapon-mounted lights, red dot optics, lasers, and etc…

Sling Management:
In addition to the standard AR platform sling setups, The SRC-3 will now accommodate larger railed rifles such as the HK 416, HK 417, SCAR 17, bolt action guns, and a multitude of machine guns currently in use by the US Military. New features:

  1. The SRC-3 features a smaller logo, exposing more underneath fabric pattern for better bending.
  2. The SRC-3 is longer than the SRC-2 by 2 inches which allows it to accommodate larger railed rifles and bigger holsters.
  3. Two cut lines feature at the end of the main band. User can cut short the SRC-3 for 1 to 2 inches without damaging its integrity. (See picture)


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